APPOINTMENTS MAY BE CARRIED OUT IN CLIENTS HOME, SCHOOL OR IN THE CLINIC Services can be conducted in homes or schools anywhere in South Co. Dublin for an additional €20 travel charge.

Initial telephone consultation is FREE.

Initial consultation/screening assessment:
1 hour           €120

Speech sound assessment:
​1 hour           €100

Language assessment:
​1 hour           €120

Social Skills assessment:
​1 hour           €120
School visit / observation:
​1 hour           €140 (including travel in south county Dublin)

Full Speech & Language Assessment:
Evaluation of your child’s play skills, expressive and receptive language, speech sounds, use of language (pragmatics) and sensory needs. It is recommended that parents also request a written assessment report to accompany this assessment (€150).
2 hours (min)          €300

Individual therapy sessions:
45 - 50 minutes of therapy followed by 5-10 minutes feedback with the parent/caregiver.
1 hour  €100 face to face or  €80 virtual telehealth session

Group therapy sessions:
1 hour   €60 per person (minimum of 3 persons per group)

Schools & Organisations:
1 hour   €150

Written Reports:
Assessment report   €150
Summary report        €100

Home Program:
6 weeks of goal directed activities   €180

Tax Refunds for Speech and Language Therapy
SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY FEES FOR CHILDREN ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. To avail of this you will need to get a MED 1 FORM from the tax office and retain all receipts.  The tax office also requires a medical letter of referral (GP or Consultant).

Health Insurance
A number of insurance plans provide some cover for Speech and Language therapy usually to the value of €30 per session. Check with your provider. You can combine Health Insurance and Tax relief (i.e. claim tax relief on monies paid in excess of that covered by Health Insurance).

Payment Procedure
Fees are payable in full on the day of attendance. Payment is by cheque or cash. Discounts can be offered for advance payment for blocks of 6/8 sessions. Unfortunately we do not have a credit card facility.

Cancellation Policy
There is no charge for cancellations up to two working days prior to scheduled appointment. After this a 50% charge applies.